Danger of Bufo Toads

The season is here…..the rain, higher temps, humidity, somehow even more rain and those little hopping demon spawns of toxicity everywhere….it’s Bufo Toad season. I walk my dog every night and over the past few weeks I have definitely seen an increase in their numbers. Typically, I see them underneath the street lights on the sidewalk. I presume these opportunistic little jerks are utilizing the light which attracts insects to feed on. To keep your pet safe I recommend leash walking your dog and carrying a flashlight to spot them. Although I can’t cite the exact ordinance, I’m fairly sure the city prohibits carrying a flame thrower.  

Joking aside, at the hospital we treat one or two bufo toad toxicity cases a year and they can be very scary cases. These amphibian monsters produce poison in glands located on the sides of their neck. When threatened the poison then spread along the skin of the toad. Bufo toads range in size - they can be the size of a golf ball up to the size of softball. If your pet sniffs, licks, or eats any of the toxin, they will usually hyper salivate and have bright red gums, which then may be followed by vomiting. The scary part is this situation can very quickly escalate into seizures and collapse.

If you suspect your dog has come into contact with a bufo toad, immediately wash out your pet’s mouth with water and take them to a veterinarian, this is a serious emergency. 

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